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Organisational Aspects of the Pilgrimage to Mariazell


Pilgrims can only enter the ceremonial sites with a free numbered admission ticket. The admission tickets can be booked in writing via the dioceses' pilgrim offices from April 16, 2007. The required application forms are available in churches and rectories or on the Internet on http://www.papstbesuch.at/. Starting about mid-May, reservation confirmations will be sent out.


Due to traffic and environmental reasons, buses will bring the pilgrims to Mariazell. Each admission ticket includes a seat on one of the pilgrimage buses organised by the dioceses. When sending out the reservation confirmations, further details as to the bus stops will be enclosed. Individual arrivals or car parking in Mariazell will not be possible. Pilgrims on foot are welcome, but they must also have an admission ticket.


Pilgrims from abroad can book admission tickets in the pilgrim office of the diocese Graz-Seckau.


Pilgrims have to be prepared to walk a maximum of 4 km from the bus park to the ceremonial site.


All pilgrims will receive a pilgrim box including a celebration book, drinking water, gingerbread and a scarf.  Extra food and drink are to be provided by the pilgrims themselves, with consideration for the security measures. Apart from that, there are local restaurants outside of the ceremonial site. Additionally, pilgrims will have to bring their own rain protection (no umbrellas allowed). Pilgrims may bring stools without back- or armrests, which can be bought in Mariazell.


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